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loving selfI was talking with a friend recently who’d been experiencing ongoing difficulties with her ex-husband and also a neighbor who was proving extremely challenging. She’d found herself getting very angry and upset, as old buttons were being pushed, and emotional patterns being reactivated. ‘I read somewhere that if you’re upset with another person, that if you imagine sending love and light to them that it can help. So I’ve been doing that and it seems to be making me feel less upset. But I’m worried it might stop working,’ she nervously laughed.

If we find our buttons being pushed with someone in our life, it’s not the other person that we need to be sending love and light to. It’s Us.

Sending loving light-filled energy is a lovely thing to do. Especially when we’re sending it free of any attachment to outcome, to areas of the world experiencing extreme suffering and difficulties. However, when it comes to sending it to other people who are pressing our buttons and who haven’t actually asked us to send them loving energy, it probably means that it’s Us that needs healing. Not them.

It’s so easy for us to get caught in the illusion that we’re such a wonderful person sending loving energy to people who are annoying us. However, sending loving energy to someone who hasn’t asked for it and may not actually want it from us, is exerting our free will over theirs and not a responsible thing to do. It’s not our right to do that. And usually we’re doing it with a holier-than-thou approach, because we’re seeing the other person as being ‘wrong’ in some way and in need of fixing.

If someone’s pushing our buttons and we’re finding ourselves reacting, then we’re the ones that are hurting, and we’re the ones that are in need of healing. Not the other way round. The other person may well be having a merry old time lashing out at us and expressing themselves however they wish. However if we find ourselves feeling an emotional reaction and know that our triggers are being activated, then it means that there are old wounds within us that are being aggravated and it is our own self that is in need of healing.

The fact that we’ve been triggered is showing us that is where our loving energy most needs to be sent. To ourselves. To those parts of self that are holding onto old wounds. To those parts of self that are caught up in old stories. To those parts of self that are needing to let go and forgive and move on. We are the ones that need the healing energy, just as much if not moreso than the other person we’ve been blaming.

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This morning as I parked at my local beach, I went to put coins into the parking meter and noticed the payment system has changed. Now when you insert your credit card to pay, you’re required to enter your car’s registration number, which it then prints on the receipt slip you place in your car window.ParkingMeter

It prompted me to contemplate why this additional requirement to enter your car’s number plate. Could it be a way of generating additional income? Having to nominate your car’s licence plate number on the parking slip means that no one can pass on their parking slip to anyone else to benefit from, should they decide to leave their parking space earlier than their paid for amount of time. To me this felt like an extreme lack of generosity of spirit on the part of the local Council that collects the parking revenue.

Not that long ago there were no parking limits to public parking on the streets. Anyone could park pretty much anywhere they wanted, provided it was safe. Then time limits were introduced, and then came the introduction of parking meters, whereby you put coins in the meter for the parking spot you were parked in, and if you left the spot before the meter ‘ran out’, then the next person who parked there would benefit from any time credit still left on the meter. Which was only fair given that the parking space had already been paid for for that allocated time. And then came the ticket dispensing machines where you paid for a period of time and then placed the dispensed ticket on the dash of the car for the parking inspector to check. And where there was still time paid for on your ticket, if you were feeling generous you would gift your ticket to another person to use, as you were leaving your parking spot.

But not any more. Now your ticket has to stay with your car and you cant pass it on to anyone else. Which means the local Councils get to double and triple dip when it comes to revenue raising as parking spaces get paid for over and over again for more time than is actually used. Read More…