Juliet Martine Where Is The Joy?This morning I awoke and thought of all the things I needed to do today. Meditate. Journal. Get up, have shower, make bed. Get stuck into writing my program ‘Everything You Want and Need to Know About Manifesting’. See clients. Do grocery shopping. Go to yoga. Clean the house. Take out the rubbish. Pay bills. Get office organized. Answer emails. Pick up my daughter from school. Get dinner sorted. Put on a load of washing. Return phone calls. By the time I’d finished mentally reviewing the list of everything I needed to do, I found my energy had dropped and I was feeling heavy, tired and a general sense of lackluster.

Whilst I love my work, it felt like the day had no light in it. It felt like I had no light shining within me. I was setting myself up to do what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t feeling the joy. And then it hit me. Where is the joy? Where is the joy in my day? Where is the joy in my life?

All too often our lives can become overrun with all the things we need to do and get done. All the things that demand our attention and insist on taking priority. All the things we need to address in order to keep the wheels turning in our lives. Or spinning. And yet where is the joy in that? Where is the light? Where is the fun? Is it just a tiny order placed on the side of life next to the main dish called ‘work’? Or should we perhaps be moving it on to the main plate and serving it up to ourselves to balance out the meal with great lashings of deliciousness?

What Brings YOU Joy?

Where is the joy in your life? What brings the light into your day? Where is your fun-ny bone connecting up to the rest of you and the way you show up in the world? I thought I had lots of joy in my life, and I do. But I when I asked myself this question this morning as I was running through my ‘to do’ list, I realized that heaviness had crept in and I hadn’t given myself permission to really give weight to the joy in my life and to dream this in fully. I looked at my intentions and what I’ve been dreaming myself to experience over the rest of my life, and the light of fun and joy and jubilation wasn’t shining quite as brightly off the pages of my dreaming book as I knew I was capable of experiencing it.

What is it that brings us joy? What is it that makes us light up from the inside out? What is it that brings a smile to our face and activates the life force within us to turn up a few notches and radiate throughout our being?

We tend to think of having fun as being child’s play. And it is. But if we don’t nurture our inner child, we simply grow up too fast and whither and die. Giving ourselves permission to play and have fun is what this lifetime is for. It’s the balancing factor, the pay off for all the hard work. Its what makes us sing from the inside out and causes us to spread with contagion the radiant glow of our soul.

You Are Here To Shine!

We are here to shine our light in this world by having fun. Fun generates joy. Joy generates light. Like in the movie Monster’s Inc, joy, fun, laughter is more powerful and generates more energy and light than anything else. It connects us with our soul, with our inner light, with our Divine Essence, and brings us into a place of oneness with the world. When we’re having fun, when we’re feeling the joy, all is right in our world and we feel a sense of reprieve from all the woes.

So where is the joy in your life? Where is that all important ingredient that brings the balance into all the efforts that you fill your life and waking moments with? Is it all hard work? Or are you having fun and filled with joy?

Juliet Martine Where Is The Joy?When was the last time you laughed out loud with a friend? I mean really laughed. Enough to wet your pants or give you the hiccups? When was the last time you got down and played tug of war with your dog or smiled at the musings of your cat? When was the last time you got creative purely for the joy of it and danced to loud music, cooked up a storm in your kitchen, got busy with a paint brush or pencils, wrote a poem because your heart was filled with words? When was the last time you lay on the grass and looked up into the awe that is the sky? When was the last time you made love with total abandon and smiled your way through the love making? When was the last time you observed the beauty in nature, in a child, in a work of art, in a piece of music, in a beautiful meal? When was the last time you made a crazy face and splashed it onto facebook purely for the fun of sharing the silliness?

One of the things I love about my children and their facebook generation is the way in which technology has become a vehicle for sharing humour and lightness of being. Every night my daughter competes with her friends to see who can snap the silliest face, the most hilarious situation, the most humorous way of seeing things, as they busily text happy shots back and forth. And all it takes is one silly idea like planking, or gangnam style, or harlem shakes and off they go, videoing themselves with their friends, purely for the fun of it, ‘taking the piss’ out of themselves with no other reason than to have fun, share a laugh and be in the joy. Sure the internet has its downsides. But one of the biggest pluses is that it spreads humour and light even faster than it spreads the negative stuff. Funny quotes, photos and videos have the highest ‘share’ rate.

So where is the light in your life? Where is the joy? If you have to think too hard about the answer, then you can take it as given that the balance isn’t there and it’s time to bring it back in. Give yourself permission to have fun, to be living from a place of joy, to bring lightness back into your life, and to find a healthier, more joy-filled balance in your day, your week, your month, and the years ahead.

You Gotta Look For It

Ask yourself the following questions:

What is it I love doing purely for the joy of it?
What brings a smile to my face and makes me light up inside?
When do I feel the most radiant and high on life?
How can I bring more fun and light and colour into my life?
If I had no fears, if there were no limits, if absolutely anything were possible in my life, what would I love to be experiencing purely for the joy of it?

I thought I’d ask myself these questions a thousand times. And I have, because this is what I do. This is what I teach. But when I asked myself these questions again this morning realizing that my energy had gotten a little bit heavy and out of balance, I was surprised by what came. I saw myself travelling more, running retreats around the world, in different locations meeting different people, and bringing more light into the retreats, more fun, purely for the joy of it. I saw myself dancing more and pumping up the volume in my loungeroom on a regular basis purely for the pleasure of it. And I saw myself laughing with people, really laughing, belly laughing and smiling more, purely for the joy of it. Lots of fun and light and connections, far and wide, reaching all four corners of the earth, richness of colour and vibrancy, new experiences, expansion, feeling radiant, jubilant, excited about life and extracting the juice out of it! It felt so delicious my energy was lifting just in the imagining of it.

Give Yourself Permission

And therein lies the heart of the issue. We don’t give ourselves permission to be joyful. We hold ourselves back and think joy is something for the retirement fund. When I retire I’ll be happy. When I stop doing what I have to keep doing, then I’ll have time for some fun. But whatever I do, don’t be too happy now, because other people might think I’m enjoying myself too much, and judge me for having it too good!

We’ve been conditioned to withhold our joy. We’ve been taught that its not ok not to have fun. That we have to work hard and it’s a sin to be joyful when there’s so many people starving on the planet and so much suffering in the world. How can I be joyful when others are in so much pain? How can I be happy when others have it so hard? Let me join them in their pain and be a better person for my suffering with them.

No no no no no. We’ve gotten it all wrong! We didn’t come here for the suffering. We came here for the JOY! And when we really, I mean really deeply madly truly, give ourselves permission to be living in joy, that is when the light within us shines the brightest and we share our most precious gift with the world. When we’re living in joy, we share the essence of who we are and we light up the world around us with our joy and inner glow. To withhold our joy is to withhold our light and the greatest gift we can give to those around us.

Juliet Martine Where Is The Joy?So stop working so hard and invest in your health and happiness by making sure the balance is there. Bring joy back into the equation and make it the north by which you navigate your way through life. Every morning as you wake up and start your day, instead of running through your ‘to do’ list and dragging yourself down with the weight of it all, ask yourself the simple question: What would bring me joy today? And what would I love to be experiencing at some point in my life purely for the joy of it? By asking yourself these two questions on a regular basis you start opening up the shutters of your mind and exercising your imagination muscles so that your soul can begin inspiring in you all that it would love you to be experiencing this lifetime. Purely for the joy of it.

You didn’t come here for the suffering, you came here for the joy. And the more you ask yourself these questions, the more surprised you’ll be at the answers and the possibilities that begin to unfold in your life. I thought I was asking myself the questions, but I wasn’t opening up the shutters wide enough to see the entire vista that’s available. This morning I blew them off the wall and my oh my what a magnificent and exciting view it is! I feel happy already just anticipating what’s to come! And I know you will too…

*** Permission is expressly given by the author to reprint this blog post in all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that it is reprinted in full exactly as it appears above with no changes to text or headings, and that the author is credited as follows with hyperlinks activated in all electronic media: ‘Written by Juliet Martine – Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Author, www.julietmartine.com.au‘ ***


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